Friday, May 7, 2010

The yoga teacher experience


Life is such an incredible journey and lately I have been experiencing it with full awareness.  That’s not to say that I don’t feel that way when I am living at home in Vancouver, but being out here in paradise every moment is exemplified.  I am being exposed to so many key life moments out here that it feels almost like a fast track to spiritual empowerment.

Yoga teacher training is so much more than learning yoga.  There have been so many emotional moments and life lessons I’ve figured out about myself over this past month.  I’m not sure if it happens to everyone but when I talked to the other students about it, they say most people will tell you that there’s more than just yoga that happens because yoga can open up so many things in people.


Out here in Haad Yuan, I have taken up the practice of self meditation for an hour a day on the beach.  I end up waking up at 5:30 AM because I get to see the sunrise and its much cooler in the morning. This is followed by a half hour jog and a swim in the ocean.  Then my yoga teacher training would start at 8:30 AM, finishing at 7 PM, with 2 2hour breaks with which you can head to the beach.  The beach is literally 20 steps from my bungalow and I love it that way because I have completely integrated the beach into my daily routine.  Meditation in the morning, both the beach breaks, and evening walks a lot of the time just on my own. 


I am usually more of a sunset person because the times more convenient for me.  But we only see sun rises on this part of the beach, so I have been taking full advantage by snapping pictures every day.  It’s beautiful to be here before anyone else.  This picture is of me taking a calendar picture for the photo project I’m putting together for my class.


You may remember James from my earlier blog post.  I adore James.  For this picture I begged him to take a “conservative asian couple” picture with me.  Which is really hilarious because neither of us would fall in that category.  Sorry ladies, James is one hundred percent pure gay.


Naturally, the other girls also wanted to join the harem but I got to keep my title as first wife.  Megan (the other asian) got 2nd wife and Lily got concubine.  Yes mostly because she is white.


Another beautiful sunrise ….


Right, this shot epitomizes one of the most cliche beach tourist photos which has even been written about in Backpacker magazine.  Apparently everyone and their dog takes jump shot photos in front of the beach.  We just so happen to actually have a dog with us as well.  And I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE this photo with me and my yoga class.  Look how high our legs are!


Here’s another one of our calendar pics.  Claire and Kate!


 IMG_6581 This was a really cool experience.  Our yoga class decided to go to a drumming circle at someone’s house.  I have always had an interest in learning how to work the bongo drums.  It was insanely fun, and I hope to learn more when I get home.  Drumming is meditative yet harmonious, which is an amazing spiritual experience.  


Here’s a group shot of the yoga class in front of the studio.  Well I can’t just refer to them as just the yoga class anymore, they have all become dear friends of mine. Our teacher, Lily who is also from Vancouver is the beautiful yogi in the flowered pants far right.   And yes, I have become the annoying person who needs to capture everything on camera.  You can thank me later.


I ended up staying an extra 2 weeks along with Kate and Lily after the class was complete.  We had connected during the first week of class when we discovered how much we love dancing.  Our instructor invited everyone to come out to Guys bar, and we were the only 3 that went, and we were the only 3 that stayed after.


The moments after class were just magical.  This particular IMG_6806morning we had hiked up to a view point in Haad Thien at 6 AM in the morning.  Everyone asks what my favourite moment has been while I am out here.  And I have to say, my favorite moment is up at this view point, where Kate, Lily and I sat in a circle and said our 3 Om’s while the sun was rising.  


This is the view from The Sanctuary where we had our morning coffees and shakes afterwards. 



We went for walks on the beach.


We did Yoga before lunch.


We went on nature photo safaris.

IMG_6886We dressed up to go to a birthday party.  I LOVE these girls, they are like my sisters and I really felt like I could tell them anything.  Thank you for such amazing spiritual connections! IMG_6889

This is what the triple threat birthday party looked like as we were descending the stairs into Wy Nam beach.


This is the dog whisperer who calmed this dog down and kept him from scrapping with the other dogs.  


More spectacular views.



Here’s what the party looked like up close.  It was absolutely surreal.  We were fortunate enough to get in with the local community and they are an amazingly interesting group that everyone is really spiritual, open minded but also crazy party people. I felt like I had met them all before, but I actually haven’t.





Here’s a super sexy photo that Kate took with her portrait lens.  We all thought it was really cool and beautiful and romantic.  Except they are not a couple.

Time has flown by so fast that I can’t even keep track anymore.  In 2 days I am going to meet Seb in Bali, and we will continue the rest of the trip together.  I am so ecstatic about this that I have been singing everyday, and I can’t wait to carry on together.  I really feel like I am getting the best of both worlds right now.

One word sums up everything for me right now in this moment and that word is this: GRATITUDE.